Toyota Recalls Again

Posted by - Admin / April 17th, 2010

Toyota has suffered a number of setbacks in recent months—a spate of recalls over the last couple of months have been especially damaging to their reputations. Apparently their troubles aren’t quite over yet:

The latest batch, while not nearly as dangerous, adds to Toyota’s mounting recall number, which has mushroomed to more than 8 million cars and trucks due to sticky pedals and concerns of sudden unintended acceleration.

Earlier this week, Toyota temporarily suspended sales of the Lexus GX 460 SUV, after the vehicle received a safety warning in Consumer Reports magazine.

I guess Consumer Reports’ safety rating isn’t as good as it used to be, eh? But seriously, eight million cars and trucks is a pretty impressive number.

The Intern Queen Stops Interning

Posted by - Admin / March 29th, 2010

Everyone, from time to time, has to work the internship in order to move up in the world. However, Lauren Berger sort of took this past-time to an extreme. She built a reputation through experience, though, that is now benefiting her in a big way.

By the time Lauren Berger graduated from University of Central Florida in 2006, she had 15 internships already under her belt. So she felt like an expert when it came to finding and getting them. Even when she landed her first job at Creative Artists Agency, she told everyone who would listen that she was “The Intern Queen.”

She talked about it so much a Hollywood producer took notice and offered to help her launch it as her personal brand.

The Intern Queen seems to be doing quite well now. She’s been listed in BusinessWeek’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25, an impressive honor.

Jobless Claims Fail, Recovery Dubious

Posted by - Admin / March 5th, 2010

Jobless claims fell by almost 30,000 last week, giving life to the idea that the recession might be coming to an end. The four-week average doesn’t look quite as good, but maybe the recovery started this week, right!? We can hope.

The reports provide fresh evidence that the economy is steadily growing. But it’s not clear when that improvement will translate into new hiring.

The Labor Department said Thursday that initial claims for unemployment insurance fell by 29,000 to a seasonally adjusted 469,000. That nearly matches Wall Street analysts’ estimates of 470,000.

Still, last week’s drop only partly reverses a sharp rise in claims in the previous two weeks.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t say anything about a recovery, but at least things aren’t getting worse. If the economy is improving, this is good news for every sector. Especially for the retail sector, which seems to suffer disproportionally from recessions.