The Grey Lady Starts Charging Online

Posted by - Admin / January 21st, 2010

The New York Times is making a move to close their website to online viewers and make it pay-to-view. Subscribers will be able to see the website, and all of its content, but random browsers on the Internet will be fresh out of luck. Everything about this move makes me think The Grey Lady is on its way down. All print media has experienced a sharp decline, ever since the advent of the Internet. However, websites of these newspapers have been wary of making their systems pay-to-view because users could simply go elsewhere for similar content and get it for free.

Under the plan, to be launched in early 2011, people who read more than a certain number of articles in a month will be prompted to pay a flat monthly or annual fee for additional access. Print subscribers will have full access to the site

I think this is a bad idea, but there are certainly worse ways to do it.


Posted by - Admin / September 4th, 2009

Why Company Reviews/Testimonials Are So Important

Think about this scenario: You’re in the market for a new lawn mower, so you scan the flyer from the hardware store that comes with the Sunday paper. All of the ads read the same (each manufacturer claims their mower is the best) and the prices between the brands are nearly identical.

So how do you decide which one you’re going to buy? You could just roll the dice and hope for the best, but you’ll probably do what most people do in this situation – ask a friend what he uses.

Word of mouth, reviews, and testimonials are among the least expensive and most powerful forms of advertising you can use to sell your goods or services. Why? Because we trust our friends and neighbors more than we trust corporations. And when it comes to the way the economy is, people want to do business with someone they can trust.

When you read about someone who has had a good experience with a product or company, or when a trusted friend recommends something to you, you’re much more likely to believe it than if it comes from an ad written by a marketing copywriter.

There are several ways your company can put testimonials and reviews to good use in order to boost sales.

The first thing you can do is to include testimonials from satisfied customers in your marketing materials. This can be on your website, in your brochures, in your sales letters, and in any other marketing device you use. In addition to using actual testimonials from happy customers, you can use any positive reviews that have been written about your company or service by an independent party.

Another important tool to use is called a case study. A case study is essentially an expanded testimonial. It details a particular problem that one of your clients had and how your company/product solved that problem. Case studies are powerful marketing tools because they illustrate an actual situation, with a real customer, and how your company helped. People who are considering doing business with your company will gain a lot of confidence from the case study, and case studies convince more people to do business than traditional ads do.

If you’re looking for smarter, more effective ways to spend your marketing dollars, you really should look into making testimonials/reviews the focal point of your marketing efforts. The rewards will be worth much more than the money spent.